Ota yhteyttä


"We will improve the competitiveness, safety and meaningfulness of industrial production through bold technological solutions."

Above is the basic idea that guides all our activities and the reason why
why JTA Connection exists.

However, the core of all our operations is our own staff. We consider it important that our staff is trained and well-off. Our culture is open and inclusive, where excellence is achieved by working together. There is a desire in our culture to develop our own know-how and the company. With our flexible customer service and the right attitude, as well as innovative solutions, we ensure a good customer experience in every situation.



Dare to challenge, develop and try

appreciate others

Appreciate your work, your co-workers and your customer

will succeed

This is how we succeed together

JTA Connection
– a few landmarks

In 2019, JTA Connection celebrated its 20th anniversary. Professionalism, open-mindedness and a desire to do things in a new way have carried the company to this day, but where did it all start?

The journey began in January 1999 as Johtotyö Ahonen, named after its founder Timo Ahonen, equipped with a red Ford Transit, a toolbox and Timo’s unwavering determination.

From early on, the clients were large and well-known companies. JTA's backbone was laid by installing and electrifying glass machines for Tamglass and lifting equipment for Bronto Skylift, both domestically and worldwide. Internationalization was a key business idea from day one. Already in the first year of operation, Johtotyö Ahonen traveled Europe and Africa in installation projects, meeting cultural differences. In Nigeria, for example, work trips were usually made with a tribal chief or in a police convoy.

The first own premises were opened in 2000 in Rusko, Tampere. Although a little cramped for space, assembly work was added into the service portfolio. In 2001, Timo hired his first employee – who is still part of the installation team. In 2002, the company name was changed to JTA Connection. The number of employees and the number of pins on the world map of operations grew at a steady pace.

2004 saw a move into larger premises, with an actual office and a large workshop for demanding assembly work. The first secretary was hired, along with an ever-growing stream of new employees. In 2006, JTA Connection made its first own product and turnover topped € 1 Million. Even then, JTA 's biggest asset were skilled professional teams, ready without a moment of hesitation to take off to a job on another continent, no matter how basic the conditions at the job site.

In addition to organic growth, we have also ventured to gain strength through acquisitions. In 2011, the engineering company Elemeka Oy was acquired, giving a strong foundation for design work. Net sales rose from €3.8 M in 2011 to € 7.3 M the following year.

In 2013, it was time to move to the current location in Lahdesjärvi, the robot hub of Tampere (and maybe the whole of Finland). Shop space grew to 1,600 m2. The year marked another kind of milestone as well: entrepreneur Ahonen made his last installation gig abroad, and has stayed in the office since.

The Board of Directors hired some external expertise in 2016 when Olli Välimäki, the current Chairman of the Board, came in. 2017 saw the dawn of the new JTA: operations were divided into two business units. The Solutions unit focuses on production and robotics, while Expert Services focuses on resourcing. Jere Mattjus and Mats Kronholm, respectively, took the helm of the business units. Having built a strong reputation in electrical automation installations, JTA Connection now aimed to become a full-service solution provider for industrial automation and robotics.

In 2018 came the next big step with the acquisition of Sasbotics, boosting growth and development of the robotics sector. The number of installed robot cells keeps growing, and a major expansion is in the works at the Tuotekatu site. It's been a great 20-plus-years, and no end in sight!