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JTA Connection is now a Certified System Integrator for MiR


Ilari MiR

Mobile robotics manufacturer MiR has announced JTA Connection as one of its Certified Systems Integrators (CSI). JTA Connection is now the first and only MiR CSI in Finland. MiR is the International market leader within collaborative and autonomous mobile robots. 

JTA Connection is constantly searching for new ways of serving our customers with the latest technology there is on the market. The company has a strong footset in intralogistics automation. High quality autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are just the right addition to the selection of companys products and solutions.   

- AMRs are definitely a next-generation thing in efficient intralogistics. There is a big market for automated yet human-friendly logistic solutions globally, Sales Director Jarkko Lepistö from JTA Connection says.

Specially the possibilities in connecting MiR-solutions to already existing industrial environment are wide.

 - MiR-products have been impressive as they are technically very advanced but still easy to integrate and and use.

As a CSI, JTA Connection has proven its specific MiR Product, Software, and Application expertise to support customers with large and complex solutions. MiR wants to make sure, that its global network of partners are worth their trust when representing the manufacturer to some of the world largest companies - such as Ford, DHL, Hitachi, Honeywell and Airbus.

JTA Connection is looking forward in helping its customers in optimizing the efficiency and productivity of their internal logistics with these state-of-the-art solutions. The co-operations with MiR has already been gainful, as JTA Connection was chosen to be the integrator in one of the most notable intralogistics automation projects in Finland in 2021.