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Robotic Cells • Material Handling • Food and Beverage industry • Paper and Pulp • Assembly automation

Robotic Cells

Automate your production process with a tailored robot cell to increase productivity, work safety and employee satisfaction. We design and build turnkey automation solutions – for individual machines or the entire production line.

Material Handling

We are a leading supplier of innovative solutions for automatic material handling, thanks to our own designs plus our know-how in manufacturing and automation. We excel in conveyor lines, palletizing, packing, mass production systems, and more.

Food and Beverage industry

Challenging materials and hygiene requirements set the bar for creating automatic material handling solutions in the industry.  We have e.g. designed solutions for packaging cans and palletizing cheese whey sacks.

Paper and Pulp

We have developed various improvements for the long production chains of making paper. Screw, chain and belt conveyors for pulp, elevators, automatic spool transportation, paper reel lowering tilt, you name it: we got the know-how.

Assembly automation 

With automated assembly machines and production lines, simple tasks can be assigned to machines. This reduces the risk of human error, releases the human workforce for more demanding tasks – and makes work more meaningful.

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Jarkko Lepistö
Sales Director